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    MAXVAL is one of leading tax and accounting firms in bay area, San Jose, California. We possess solid experience from years practice in Big 4 Accounting Firms and Industries, are able to deliver solutions for client's complex international operations and business development, providing entrepreneurs and enterprises with new business incorporation, individual and business tax return preparation and filing, tax strategies and financial planning, part time CFO consulting, and M&A due diligence services.


    Our firm provides outstanding services by dedication to underlying principles of professionalism, quality and responsiveness. Each our client receives close personal and professional attention with expertise, experience and the diligence. We appreciate our client's trust, and undstand they rely on our experise and reliability for daily operation and strategy. We continue to grow by client referrals.


    MAXVAL 是一个提供全面会计,税务和财务规划服务的美国注册会计师事务所,位于加利福尼亚州,湾区的圣荷西(硅谷),为美国和中国的企业和个人提供公司注册成立(Business Incorporation),个人和公司报税(Tax return filing), 公司会计服务(Accounting bookkeeping, Payroll processing),跨国经营的税务和财务规划方面的咨询服务 (Tax Strategies and Financial Planning),公司并购 (Merge and Acquisition),尽职调查 (Due diligence),兼职CFO咨询(Part Time CFO Consulting)。公司的团队是由具有丰富美国4大会计公司工作经验的美国注册会计师和商业管理专业人员组成,为美国和中国企业,在业务开创的初始阶段,提供完整的规划,包括美国公司类型选择,美国公司成立注册,建立税务和财务管理,跨国经营,公司并购和业务扩展计划.

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    Li Wang, CPA, Managing Partner

    Li Wang, an active CPA of US multiple States, has more than 20+ years’ experience and subject matter expertise in M&A, PE fund, portfolios management, tax structuring and planning, and international operation. She was VP of Finance of US public company, PwC senior professional, and CFO of Start-up companies in Silicon Valley. She founded Maxval CPA, which provides services of interim CFO, M&A due diligence, international investment management, tax compliance & reporting with local tax authorities and advisory services.

    Li Wang is an expert and executive lead of projects in M&A, valuation, reorganization, international corporate tax structuring, startup funding, financial budget and forecast, IPO roadmap and execution, public company SEC 10Q and 10K audit.



    王莉,MAXVAL注册会计事务所的创立人,是美国多个州的注册会计师,曾在美国四大会计公司之一的普华永道工作,任美国高科技上市公司财务副总经理, 和创业公司的CFO。在税务,跨国经营的税务和财务的管理方面,具有18年的丰富经验。王莉专长于帮助初创公司和国际运营的公司建立税务和财务的构架,获得天使投资,风险投资融资,私募投资和银行贷款,为顾客提供税务规划,财务预算,和国际商业扩展规划。王莉在公司并购,尽职调查,IPO准备,美国上市公司的SEC 10Q和10K审计,和萨宾斯404法律的合规方面具有多年的实践经验。


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    Michael Ownby, CPA, Managing Advisor

    Specialties: International Business, Board of Directors member for China Joint Venture, Treasury, Controllership, Corporate Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, FCPA Compliance, Business Planning, Stock Option Administration/Accounting, SEC Reporting.




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    Amy Su, CPA, Managing Advisor

    Amy Su, CPA, Partner has 20 years of tax and auditing experience with the Big 4 public accounting firms and government agency. She received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Master's degree in Taxation and began her career at PwC and E&Y. Amy strives to meet each client’s needs in planning the future and always delivers highest quality services based upon her extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of tax preparation and planning, accounting and business financial services. She also uses her expertise to aid in communities.

    Amy Su,加州注册会计师,合伙人,在美国四大会计师事务所和政府机构拥有15 年的税务和审计经验。 她获得了会计学士和税务硕士学位,并在普华永道和安永开始了她的职业生涯。Amy 致力于满足每位客户规划未来的需求,并凭借她在税务、会计和商业金融服务各个方面的广泛知识和经验,始终提供最优质的服务。 她还利用这些知识和专业知识来帮助社区。



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    Michael Nanny, AAS, BA, MA, MPA, Accounting Manager

    Michael has multidisciplinary achievements. He has history of CPA licensure with seven years of accounting experience. He worked for ATT at positions of finance and accounting for many years, and participated in projects of merge and acquisition. He has solid knowledge in government agency, fortune 500 company and private business.


  • What We Do

    为企业和个人报税 (Tax Returns for Business and Individuals), 财务会计(Finance, accounting and bookkeeping), 兼职CFO咨询(Part time CFO consulting), 公司注册成立(Business Incorporation),跨国经营的税务和财务规划方面的咨询服务 (Tax strategies and financial planning), 公司并购 (Merge and Acquisition), 尽职调查 (Due diligence)。

    Prepare and File Tax Returns for Business and Individuals



    According to business and individual's information, we prepare and file tax returns to achieve favorable results.


    Accounting bookkeeping and reporting



    Provide accounting, payroll processing and reporting services.


    Incorporate New Business in US



    We provide company structure, tax strategies and incorporate new business in US according to client's international operations, and tax planning.


    International Tax Structure and Strategies

    and Financial Planning



    When you expend your business into or out of the United States, for operations or personnel, tax compliance and operation planning is important. Our International Tax Services has the extensive expertise and the technical knowledge to assist in structuring transactions internationally, especially operation between US and China. The Firm works closely with our international affiliates to assist clients by minimizing their overall tax burden while coordinating tax planning and compliance services.

    Maxval CPA provides professional international tax planning, international accounting and consulting services in the following areas:

    Services for Business

    • International tax compliance and planning for international business operation.
    • Establishment of accounting for international operations.
    • Financial reporting and consolidation of reporting for international operation.
    • Transfer pricing strategy.
    • Tax and financial statement compliance with regulations.
    • Optimization of structures for foreign investment and business operations in the U.S.
    • Optimization of structures for U.S. investment and business operations outside of the U.S.
    • Structuring for cross-border acquisitions, sales and other exchanges.

    Services for Individual

    • Tax planning and preparation of U.S. executives working and residing overseas.
    • Tax planning and preparation of foreign executives working and residing in the U.S.
    • Tax issues for non-citizens immigrating to the U.S.
    • Tax issues for individuals considering expatriation from the U.S.
    • Gift, trust and estate considerations for non-citizens with U.S. based assets.

      CFO (Part Time CFO Services)Consulting



      The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position plays an important role in the success of any company. A capable CFO is able to take over company's accounting, budgeting, funding and tax planning. His/her experience and expertise impact company's growth, management, performance, and IPO. However, the costs associated with a CFO role typically put it out of the reach of many small businesses and startups. Hiring a professional part time CFO is cost-saving and efficient.




      • 兼职财务总监/兼职CFO提供合理的公司运营,财务,税务架构和规划。
      • 帮助在美国和其他国家成立公司,实施合理的税务构架。
      • 兼职财务总监/兼职CFO指导和实施运营规划。
      • 兼职财务总监/兼职CFO帮助企业建立财务管理团队,掌控好资金的投入。
      • 兼职财务总监/兼职CFO帮助提供准确的分析报告。
      • 兼职财务总监/兼职CFO协助公司在关于融资,发展,并购和上市方面做出正确的决定。
      • 兼职财务总监/兼职CFO协助公司实施尽职调查(Due Diligence)培训和管理会计专员。
      • 协助与经纪人、律师、供应商、保险代理联系沟通等.....

      Merge and Acquisition, Due Diligence

      并购, 投资和尽职调查


      Support clients to understand industry trends, identify target companies and provide due diligence service for merge and acquisition.



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